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Endless Ocean Luminous Launches For Nintendo Switch Today

Thursday, 2. May 2024
Discover the unknown depth of the Veiled Sea, encounter over 500 species of marine life and explore the ocean together in Shared Dives

Budding divers can explore a vast, undersea world filled with marine life, hidden treasures and mysteries when Endless Ocean Luminous launches for Nintendo Switch.

With its soundscape and serene visuals, Endless Ocean Luminous offers leisurely gameplay and open-ended sensory experiences, as well as the possibility to meticulously catalogue every creature divers encounter.

In the unexplored Veiled Sea, players can encounter over 500 species of marine life, some of which are presumed extinct, or even… mythical. Once scanned, a research assistant will provide detailed information and interesting insights about each creature. The Mysteries of the Veiled Sea change with each dive. Players might even make a friend or two during their dives, by inviting a manta ray to swim with them or a lobster to hitch a ride on their tank.

Nintendo Switch Online members can explore the ocean together in groups of up to 30 divers in Shared Dives. Greet your fellow divers with a friendly gesture and then delve into the depths to share discoveries. As players complete dives, they’ll be able to unlock suit colours, stickers, and additional gestures to customise their diver. The game also comes with a free 7-day trial for Nintendo Switch Online so players can try out the game’s online features.

For even more variety, stay tuned for Event Dives – themed dives that will occur periodically and offer opportunities to see unusual sights and sea life.

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