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Paper Mario: The Thousand-year Door Launches For Nintendo Switch On Thursday 23rd May

Tuesday, 21. May 2024
Join Mario and friends on a journey to discover the legendary treasure behind the ancient Thousand-Year Door.

Mario visits Rogueport, the notorious town of ruffians, to help Princess Peach on a treasure hunt. But Peach is nowhere to be seen. After learning about the legend of the Crystal Stars, Mario sets out to find them and hopefully track down the princess too.

Mario isn't the only one hoping to find the Crystal Stars – and it’s not just Bowser who’s looking to cause trouble this time. Can our hero unearth these ancient artifacts, open the Thousand-Year Door buried deep beneath the town and maybe even save the world?

To find the Crystal Stars, players will have to venture beyond the walls of Rogueport and explore the world. Along the way, all kind of discoveries are waiting: a huge dragon hiding in a creepy castle, a cursed town cloaked in perpetual twilight, daring detective work aboard a moving train and much more. Confront enemies in turn-based combat, on a cardboard stage in front of an excitable audience. The better you do, the more the crowd will cheer you on!

Along his adventure Mario will discover mysterious black chests which when opened, will afflict him with special Paper Abilities. These abilities can help players to overcome obstacles: Turn into a paper plane to fly over gaps or become paper-thin to squeeze through tight spaces. There are even more abilities to discover too.

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