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Princess Peach: Showtime! Launches This Week On Nintendo Switch

Tuesday, 19. March 2024
A free demo featuring the Swordfighter Peach and Patissiere Peach transformations is already available on Nintendo eShop.

The curtain lifts on Princess Peach: Showtime!, coming to Nintendo Switch on 22nd March 2024. In her very own adventure, Peach teams up with Stella, the Sparkle Theater's guardian, to save the theatre from the wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch. Luckily, Peach has gained some showstopping abilities: With the power of Stella’s ribbon, she can transform and confront Grape’s evil acting troupe. Each transformation gives Peach a dramatic entrance and the abilities she needs to save the plays – and the day.

Peach’s transformations include:

  • Swordfighter Peach: Fend off the sour Bunch with graceful slashes, dodges, and counterattacks.
  • Detective Peach: Don your sleuthing cap to question locals, uncover clues and solve a classic “whodunnit” mystery.
  • Kung Fu Peach: Defend with artful kicks and jumps. Send foes flying with strength and balance.
  • Patissiere Peach: Bake and decorate sweets with a dollop of cream and charm. Whip something up within the time limit!
  • Ninja Peach: Hide in the scenery using props, jump wall to wall, and take out foes with kunai. Move swiftly and strike!
  • Cowgirl Peach: Round up enemies, grab items a lasso, and saddle up your trusty horse.
  • Dashing Thief Peach: Hack and sneak through the Sour Bunch’s defences. Embrace the thrills (and charms) of espionage.
  • Figure Skater Peach: Glide gracefully in a dazzling performance filled with quick-timed spins and jumps.
  • Mermaid Peach: Use Peach’s magical voice to conduct the creatures of the sea, reveal pathways and harmonise with an aquatic orchestra.
  • Mighty Peach: Go from hero to superhero. Defend the locals with powerful punches and superhuman strength.

A free demo is already available on Nintendo eShop. In the demo, players can experience the Swordfighter Peach and Patissiere Peach transformations. Swing, strike, dodge, and counterattack as Swordfighter Peach and cut across an action-packed stage. Then, turn into Patissiere Peach and get ready to whip up an array of delectable desserts to prevent the Sweet Festival from experiencing a serious sugar crash.

Coinciding with the release of Princess Peach: Showtime! on 22nd March, Pastel Pink Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers will be available at select retailers.

  • images/products_24/sw_switch_princess_peach_showtime/__screenshots/PrincessPeachShowtime_DashingThief1.png
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  • images/products_24/sw_switch_princess_peach_showtime/__screenshots/PrincessPeachShowtime_scrn_11.jpg
  • images/products_24/sw_switch_princess_peach_showtime/__screenshots/PrincessPeachShowtime_FigureSkater1.png
  • images/products_24/sw_switch_princess_peach_showtime/__screenshots/PrincessPeachShowtime_DashingThief6.png
  • images/products_24/sw_switch_princess_peach_showtime/__screenshots/PrincessPeachShowtime_Mighty2.png

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