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Wave 5 Of The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass Adds 8 Additional Courses And 3 More Characters On 12th July

Friday, 7. July
Courses include Squeaky Clean Sprint, Athens Dash, Koopa Cape and Vancouver Velocity while Kamek, Petey Piranha and Wiggler take to the track

Eight additional courses and three extra characters are on their way to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass Wave 5 for Nintendo Switch on 12th July. Take on the Cherry Cup and get ready for a star-studded sprint around Los Angeles Laps (Mario Kart Tour), sandy surprises through Sunset Wilds (Mario Kart: Super Circuit), watery wonders in Koopa Cape (Mario Kart Wii) and the cool runnings of Vancouver Velocity (Mario Kart Tour). And in the Feather Cup, enjoy two classic courses in Daisy Cruiser (Mario Kart: Double-Dash!!) and Moonview Highway (Mario Kart Wii), a historical tour with Athens Dash (Mario Kart Tour) and the brand-new course, Squeaky Clean Sprint. Each course can be played locally or online.

Returning characters from the Mario Kart series are also joining the line-up with the Booster Course Pass including Kamek (Mario Kart Tour), Petey Piranha (Mario Kart Double Dash!!) and Wiggler (Mario Kart 7). Jump in with these familiar faces and get ready to race!

With the upcoming launch of Wave 5, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass includes 88 playable courses, with another 8 more still to come by the end of 2023.

  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/booster_chars_kamek_scr1.png
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/booster_chars_kamek_scr2.jpg
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/booster_chars_peteypiranha_scr1.jpg
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/booster_chars_peteypiranha_scr2.jpg
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/booster_chars_wiggler_scr1.jpg
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/booster_chars_wiggler_scr2.jpg
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/cherry_cup_scr1.jpg
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/cherry_cup_scr2.jpg
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/cherry_cup_scr3.jpg
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/cherry_cup_scr4.jpg
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/feather_cup_scr1.jpg
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/feather_cup_scr2.jpg
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/feather_cup_scr3.jpg
  • images/products/sw_switch_mario_kart_8_deluxe/_dlc/booster_course_pass/wave5/feather_cup_scr4.jpg

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