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Joy-Con is the name of the detachable controllers that are located on each side of the Nintendo Switch. There are two different Joy-Con, a right (R) and a left (L) that have slightly different functionality, but which are both full-fledged hand controllers in themselves.

A pair of Joy-Con is included with the purchase of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch - OLED Model, but it is also possible to buy more Joy-Con to enable more players in compatible games. Joy-Con sold in pairs and separately. Please note that there is a difference between the Right (R) and Left (L) Joy-Con. To be able to use the accessory Joy-Con grip, a left and a right Joy-Con are needed.

Both Joy-Con have built-in HD rumble, which is an incredibly precise shaking function. In addition to this, the right Joy-Con has a motion-sensitive IR camera that can detect movement and shapes, which opens up for unique gaming experiences.

The Joy-Con strap is an accessory for the Joy-Con that attaches to the controller and your wrist. With this accessory, gaming becomes safer. It is always recommended to use the Joy-Con strap, especially in games that use motion controls. Joy-Con strap is universal and fits both right and left Joy-Con.

The Joy-Con charge when connected to a Nintendo Switch console. It is also possible to use the accessory Joy-Con Charging Grip to charge the Joy-Con.

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