Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass

  • Nintendo Switch
With the Expansion Pass, you’ll get access to the below content in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, releasing from launch until the end of 2023.

Vol. 1

Items to support your adventure

  • Consumable items: Nopon Coin (Silver) x30, Nopon Coin (Gold) x10
  • Accessories: “Iron Temple Guard”, “Circlet of Wisdom”, “Silver Belt”, “Auto-Balancer”, “Glass Memory”, “Nopon Strap”
  • (above items can also be acquired within the game)

Outfit colour variants

  • “Noah - Color #02”, “Mio - Color #02”, “Eunie - Color #02”, “Taion - Color #02”, “Lanz - Color #02”, “Sena - Color #02”

Vol. 2

  • New Hero character: Ino – complete her quest to add her to your party and unlock a new class!
  • Challenge Battles – test your mettle in consecutive battles against tough enemies to earn rewards!
  • New swimwear outfits

Vol. 3

  • New Hero character: Masha – complete her quest to add her to your party and unlock a new class!
  • New Challenge Battle: "Archsage's Gauntlet" – select only one character and battle wave after wave of enemies to earn rewards.
  • Craft Accessories: After adding Masha to your party, you can craft new accessories using crystals collected in "Archsage's Gauntlet".
  • New throwback outfits

Vol. 4 Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed

  • Brand new story scenario set before the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, join a cast of new and familiar characters in this original story scenario that connects all three instalments in the Xenoblade Chronicles series. Future Redeemed also features new battle mechanics, such as Unity Combo, where two characters can attack in unison.

You must own Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (European version) on Nintendo Switch to access downloadable content. Content packs cannot be purchased separately. DLC will only be playable after its release date. The amount of free space required for each content pack will be announced on the official website at a later date. It's possible that additional DLC, not listed here, will also be distributed with the Expansion Pass.

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