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Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise

  • Nintendo Switch
Release date
  • 4 December, 2020
Supported Play Styles

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Number of players
  • Up to 2 players
Age rating
  • Music
    Health & fitness
  • Nintendo
  • Imagineer
  • English
 Box to the rhythm of pop hits from home!

Grab your Joy-Con controllers and bob, weave and jab to the rhythm in Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise, featuring a flurry of songs, workouts and modes to enjoy solo or with a training partner!

Played the original? Continue with your fitness goals in Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise by importing your stats from Fitness Boxing!

Move to the music

Crank up the volume and work up a sweat as you box to the beat of 23 punchy tracks, including instrumental versions of hit songs.

One! Two!

Exercising is as easy as one-two! Build your way up to full combos by mirroring your instructor’s movements and following the on-screen icons.

In the zone

Time your punches perfectly to get into the Zone State, bringing the stage to life and letting you rack up extra points! Finish with a high score to unlock new accessories for your instructor.

Fighting fit

In Daily Workout, exercises are tailored to your personal fitness goals, whether that’s targeting a specific area of the body or simply getting in shape.

Set an alarm so you never miss a session (your console will notify you even when it’s in Sleep Mode!) and reap the rewards of daily exercise as you fill your calendar with stamps.

Prefer to keep things spontaneous? Head to Free Training, where you have full control over the intensity of your workout, the stage, the music and the moves you work on.

Training partner

Daily Workout and Free Training can also be enjoyed in two-player co-op. Pass one or two Joy-Con controllers to a friend and work out side by side. Compare stats to keep each other motivated!

Stay on track

Monitor your progress with graphs tracking stats such as your BMI, estimated calorie burn and the number of punches you’ve thrown.

Personal trainer

Choose one of ten instructors – including four new faces, Hiro, Janice, Karen and Guy – who are there to provide guidance and encouragement as you work out together.

Customise your instructor’s appearance to suit your style and complete achievements to unlock new clothes, glasses and gloves for them to wear.

Back to basics

Don’t know your hook from your uppercut? No problem! Basic Training gives you the chance to practise the various boxing techniques at your leisure while your instructor demonstrates the proper form.

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