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Metroid Dread Special Edition

  • Nintendo Switch
Release date
  • 8 October, 2021
Supported Play Styles

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Number of players
  • Single player
Age rating
  • Action
  • Nintendo
  • MercurySteam
  • English
  • © 2021 Nintendo.
Metroid Dread är en direkt uppföljare till Metroid Fusion från 2002 och avslutar historien som fokuserar på prisjägaren Samus och hennes koppling till de mystiska Metroids, en saga som började i det ursprungliga Metroid till NES. I det här spelet tar sig Samus till en mystisk, avlägsen planet där hon jagas av ett nytt, farligt och mekaniskt hot som går under namnet E.M.M.I. Genom att få olika förmågor kan spelare återvända till områden de redan har besökt för att hitta nya platser och dolda uppgraderingar på klassiskt Metroid-sätt.

On a remote alien planet, a mechanical menace awaits that will push even the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter to her limit. Join Samus Aran on her deadliest 2D adventure yet in Metroid Dread on Nintendo Switch.

The long road ahead

To complete Samus’ mission, navigate your way through the depths of a sprawling planet full of unique environments, perilous danger and mysterious secrets. Use new and familiar abilities to traverse these labyrinths, consult the map to find your way and dispatch hostile enemies in your path using powerful weapons.

As you freely explore the planet, you’ll encounter locked doors, ledges out of reach and areas too hazardous for Samus to safely venture into. By acquiring power-ups and upgrades, you’ll not only overcome these obstacles, but also discover new paths and shortcuts through the environment.

Between revisiting regions to explore previously-inaccessible areas and fighting the many larger monsters ZDR is home to, getting off the planet won’t be easy. Especially since the missing E.M.M.I. are far more dangerous than anyone could have ever imagined…

Armed and dangerous

Samus always has her trusty Arm Cannon to hand but as she explores planet ZDR, she’ll discover additional weapons and abilities that’ll help her uncover the truth about her mission.

  • Beam – Samus’ primary attack, launching a powerful beam of energy to both vaporise foes and open doors. It can be upgraded to add more power, as well as wider and special shot types.
  • Grapple Beam – A special upgrade for Samus’ Arm Cannon, allowing her to attach to and swing from special points. Use it to reach previously inaccessible areas.
  • Melee Counter – Time a Melee Counter perfectly to repel enemy attacks and leave them open for one of your own, even while running or jumping.
  • Missiles – Powerful explosives that causes great damage to enemies, but can also open up hidden paths. Ammo is limited, but collecting Missile Tanks will expand the quantity Samus can carry.
  • Morph Ball – Samus can curl her Power Suit up into a ball, allowing her to fit through small gaps and tunnels. She can also drop bombs which allow her to access new areas.
  • Spider Magnet – Special walls marked in blue can be traversed once Samus has the Spider Magnet, giving her access to new areas of the planet.
  • Phantom Cloak – When activated, this ability allows Samus to remain hidden from threats, but be warned – the special Aeion energy that powers it drains faster if Samus moves while using it.

The threat of the E.M.M.I.

Tireless, relentless, merciless. Corrupted by unknown forces and no longer controlled by the Federation, the E.M.M.I. robots that stalk the depths of planet ZDR have only one goal: eliminate Samus Aran.

Lurking within designated E.M.M.I. Zones around the planet, these deadly machines are always on the hunt. Explore areas where E.M.M.I. are active carefully to avoid detection – if you’re spotted, the chances of survival are slim so get ready to run!

Samus’ speed, agility and new Phantom Cloak can keep her one step ahead of the E.M.M.I., but it’ll take something more powerful to stop them for good.

Deep within each E.M.M.I. Zone lies the means to temporarily enable the Omega Cannon – the only weapon capable of destroying an E.M.M.I. robot. Keep a steady hand and a steadier nerve while using it though or you’ll never live to fight another day...

Tailor your Metroid Dread experience

Take on the mission your way with additional difficulty modes*! On top of the Normal and unlockable Hard difficulty modes, you can challenge yourself with Dread Mode** where just a single hit means the end of the road for Samus. Alternatively, ease yourself into the exploration of planet ZDR with Rookie Mode, where several adjustments have been made, including reduced damage from bosses and recovery items providing more Energy and Missile ammo than usual.

You can also face off against the toughest battles from Samus' mission one after another in Boss Rush mode*. Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock Boss Rush, or complete Dread Mode and give yourself the ultimate challenge with the ultra-tough Dread Rush!

Compatible with amiibo

New amiibo featuring Samus Aran in her Power Suit from Metroid Dread and an E.M.M.I. robot (available as a two-pack, sold separately) can be used in-game for the following effects:

  • You can tap the Samus amiibo to unlock a bonus permanent Energy Tank, and also use it to recover Energy once per day.
  • You can tap the E.M.M.I. amiibo to unlock a bonus permanent Missile+ Tank, and also use it to recharge Missile ammo once per day.


*Software update required. Broadband internet connection required to download software updates. The registration and linkage of a Nintendo Account and acceptance of the Nintendo Account Agreement is required.The Nintendo Account Privacy Policy applies.

**Dread Mode is unlocked upon completion of Hard Mode.

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