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SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

  • Nintendo Switch
Release date
  • 7 September, 2018
Supported Play Styles

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Number of players
  • Up to 8 players
Age rating
  • Action
  • NIS America, Inc
  • Abstraction
  • English
Fan-favourite heroines from SNK gather together for 2-on-2 party fighting action in SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy on Nintendo Switch!

SNK’s toughest heroines battle it out in brand new 2 vs. 2 party fighting game for Nintendo Switch!

Time to party!

Pair up fighters from a roster of SNK’s leading ladies, then go head-to-head in fights against other tag teams. Switch between your heroines at any time during battle to change up your strategy, while using simple, intuitive controls to pull off a variety of powerful moves with style and elegance.

The fighter you’re controlling acts as the Attacker, dishing out damage in the foreground, while your Supporter can offer assistance from the ringside, using special items to shift the odds in your favour. Once your opponent is in a tough spot, use your dazzling Dream Finish move to claim victory!

The stars are out

A huge roster of formidable female fighters from the SNK universe are ready to enter the fray, and each heroine has a set of unique abilities to bring to the ring! In Story Mode, you can discover more about each character’s backstory as they attempt to escape from a strange mansion, and triumph over a shady foe…

Tag a partner!

Hand a Joy-Con to a friend to enjoy skirmishes anytime, anywhere – or get the party started with local wireless* and online multiplayer for up to four players. You can even spectate on other battles online, and put a wager on who you think will win using your in-game currency!

Co-ordination is key

Fancy a break from the good fight? Customise your heroines to your heart’s content with unlockable outfits, accessories, and even voice clips purchased with your battle winnings. Take your favourite characters for a photoshoot, using different backgrounds and stamps to bring out the best in your snaps!

*Multiplayer requires one compatible controller per player. Additional controllers (sold separately) may be required. Wireless Play requires one copy of the software per player.

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