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Super Mario Maker 2

  • Nintendo Switch
Release date
  • 28 June, 2019
Supported Play Styles

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Number of players
  • Up to 4 players
Age rating
  • Platformer
  • Nintendo
  • English
  • © 2019 Nintendo.
Break the rules and make the Super Mario courses you’ve always dreamed of in Super Mario Maker 2, only on Nintendo Switch!

With lots of new tools, course parts and features at your disposal, let your imagination run wild as you craft unique levels to share with friends and players all over the world.

Making your own Super Mario courses is easy, and this time, two players can build courses together on a single screen. Simply pick and place iconic objects and enemies wherever you like and choose from many different themes and styles – including the new Super Mario 3D World style!

You can even combine familiar elements to create incredible things never before seen in a Super Mario game! 

Play your way!

Help rebuild Princess Peach’s castle in the new Story Mode. With over 100 original levels designed by Nintendo, you’re sure to pick up some tips and inspiration for your next creation as you play!

Want to show off your creations to friends? Set up a virtual room and up to four players can try to beat created courses at the same time in local wireless multiplayer on their own Nintendo Switch console. Play as Mario, Luigi, Toad and Toadette, and let the fun begin!

Create your own Super Mario worlds

Connect multiple courses together, complete with a customisable World Map with the new World Maker mode. Place panels down to construct a route for your courses, sculpt the terrain and create your own Super World!

With up to eight worlds and 40 unique courses that you can group together, make your very own Super Mario games and share them with others via Course World!

Expect the unexpected!

With so many new and returning elements to choose from, making Super Mario levels filled with surprises couldn’t be easier! Watch the video below to see just some of the new course parts, enemies, and features that’ll help make your creations one-of-a-kind.

Super Mario 3D World joins the fun!

Go wild with the brand new Super Mario 3D World Game Style. This style works very differently to the others – there are things you can do here that you can’t do in any other style! For example, you can play as Cat Mario, who can climb up walls (and even goal poles) and pounce on enemies.

Travel through Clear Pipes, battle against the ninja Pom Pom or even tear up a course with the Koopa Troopa Car – and that's only a few of this style's unique features!

Let's‑a race!

Compete for the quickest time on special courses created by Nintendo with Ninji Speedruns*! Compete against the Ninji Ghosts of other players from around the world, and earn Stamps and costumes for your Maker avatar.

Set a fast enough time, and Gold Stars will appear around your Maker for a short while.

Introducing Story Mode!

Play through more than 100 original courses crafted by Nintendo and earn coins along the way to help Mario and co. rebuild Princess Peach’s castle. Each level in Story Mode showcases a variety of tools and features – you might learn a thing or two about course design just by playing them!

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