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  • Nintendo Switch Lifestyle
  • Nintendo Switch Lifestyle
  • Nintendo Switch Lifestyle
  • Nintendo Switch Lifestyle

Nintendo Switch

Enjoy the home console gaming experience, even without access to a TV.

Nintendo Switch can transform to suit your situation, so you can play the games you want, no matter how busy life may be.

It’s a new era where you don’t have to adjust your lifestyle to play games – instead, your console adjusts to fit around your lifestyle.

Enjoy games anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

Three play modes

  • TV mode
    TV mode

    Gather around a big screen and enjoy gaming with a crowd.

    Dock your Nintendo Switch to enjoy HD gaming on your TV.
  • Tabletop mode
    Tabletop mode

    Share the screen, share the fun.

    Flip the stand to share the screen, then share the fun with a multiplayer game.
  • Handheld mode
    Handheld mode

    Carry around a large, beautiful display anywhere you go.

    Pick it up and play with the Joy-Con controllers attached.


Nintendo Switch har två handkontroller, en på varje sida av konsolen, som fungerar tillsammans. Handkontrollerna heter Joy-Con.

Om du för samman två Joy-Con med ett Joy-Con Grip så fungerar enheten som en traditionell handkontroll. Och utan Joy-Con grip fungerar varje Joy-Con som fristående, fullt fungerande, handkontroller.

Share the fun with Joy-Con

By handing one of the Joy-Con to a friend, you can play competitive or co-operative multiplayer anywhere.

Joy-Con controllers

A sense of touch that goes beyond mere vibrations

Föreställ dig ett glas med iskuber. Med HD rumble kan du känna hur de rör sig och stöter emot kanterna inne i din Joy-Con när du vrider och vänder på handkontrollen.

Det finns en, det finns en till ... HD rumble känns så realistiskt att du till och med kan avgöra hur många iskuber som finns där inne. Nästan som att hålla ett glas med iskuber på riktigt.

HD rumble-funktionen som är inbyggd i Joy-Con ger en spelupplevelse mer mer inlevelse än vad som är möjligt med enbart ljud och bild.

Sense shape, movement and distance

The IR Motion Camera in Joy-Con (R) can detect the shape, movement and distance of objects captured by the camera.

For example, it can recognise the shape of players’ hands, such as when you make a rock, paper or scissors. This feature can also open up new experiences like Nintendo Labo (sold separately).

Link up to eight consoles for multiplayer

Local Co-op

Play on the big screen at home with friends.*

*Additional controllers (sold separately) may be required.

Local wireless

Players can sync together up to eight Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite consoles to play competitive and co-operative multiplayer games.

Online multiplayer

With a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can play with friends far away and players around the world, access a growing library of classic NES games with added online features, enjoy exclusive offers such as TETRIS® 99 and Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers, and more!



  • Console - Front

    Console - Front
  • Console - Back

    Console - Back
  • Nintendo Switch dock - Front

    Nintendo Switch dock - Front
  • Nintendo Switch dock - Back

    Nintendo Switch dock - Back
  • Joy-Con grip - Front

    Joy-Con grip - Front
  • Joy-Con - Front

    Joy-Con - Front
  • Joy-Con - Side

    Joy-Con - Side
  • Joy-Con - Back

    Joy-Con - Back
  • Joy-Con strap - Front

    Joy-Con strap - Front
  • Joy-Con strap - Side

    Joy-Con strap - Side


From the HOME Menu, you can start games and select game settings. In addition to managing friends and user accounts, you can also change your system settings here.

Main features of the HOME Menu

  • Nintendo Switch Online
    Nintendo Switch Online

    Access a variety of Nintendo Switch Online services, read the the latest news about related titles, and check your membership status.

  • News

    The latest news about games will be delivered to your Nintendo Switch.

  • Nintendo eShop
    Nintendo eShop

    Find and buy digital versions of full games and DLC.

  • Album

    Easily take and save screenshots or video clips from select games using the Capture Button. Then view, edit and share to social networks from your album. You can also transfer them wirelessly to a smart device.

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