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It's never fun when something breaks, at least even dear game console, but unfortunately it happens. Read below for more information on what applies to warranty matters and the like.

Most problems can be solved by yourself

Often there is nothing really wrong with the console, even though it can sometimes seem that way. To avoid sending in a console unnecessarily and losing valuable playing time, we recommend that you check the following troubleshooting guides / manuals.

If the above does not help, we recommend our FAQ where we continuously post answers and solutions to existing problems.


If your Nintendo product does not work due to a manufacturing defect, you have the option to return the product to the store where you purchased it to have it repaired. The prerequisite for this is that there is a guarantee period left and that a receipt can be presented. Fill in this document and send with your product.


If the damage is not due to a manufacturing defect, if the warranty period has expired or if a receipt is missing, you can have your Nintendo product repaired by Bergsala Servicecenter  at a cost. If you have already been in contact with Bergsala Servicecenter and are asked to send in your product, you must fill in this document and attach it to your product.

  • We offer service and repairs for consoles and accessories in the Nintendo Switch family.

Contact Bergsala Servicecenter

If you do not find answers to your questions on our service pages and need to get in touch with our service department, please fill out the service form below. Please note that it is very important that you enter the same email address that you have linked to your console in case your question concerns NNID or Nintendo Account.


Recycling and environmental responsibility

Nintendo products that are broken or otherwise obsolete should not be thrown in the regular rubbish but instead handed in for material recycling. It is important that any internal batteries are included with the product and are not disposed of separately. To find a recycling site near you, please visit the Electronics Recycling Association.

For more information about laws and ordinances regarding the handling of electronic scrap, please go to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and read the ordinance (2005: 209).

Read more about how to handle products and batteries that have reached the end of their life cycle.

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